Breaking News: A 16-year-old girl became pregnant in Rajasthan's Kota and gave birth to a baby

16-year-old MP girl was preparing for NEET exam in Kota and gave birth to baby Girl. 

In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old girl preparing for the NEET exam in Kota gave birth to a baby Girl on Monday. 

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He is from Guna, Madhya Pradesh and has been preparing for his medical care for  two months while living in a shelter in the Landmark City district of Kota. 

She was admitted to Jay Kay Lon Hospital in Kota early Monday morning after going into labour. 

Dr Bharti Saxena, chief of gynecology at Jay Kay Lon Hospital, announced the girl was eight months pregnant after an examination. She was immediately taken to the delivery room where she gave birth to a healthy 2 year old girl.30 kg on Monday around 8:30 am. 

Although the newborn required phototherapy, both mother and child were healthy. Doctors had expected to discharge her on Wednesday despite the mother developing mild complications related to high blood pressure. 

The case came to light on Tuesday morning. Due to the sensitivity of the situation and the fact that the girl is a minor, the authorities have decided to keep the incident secret until the necessary legal formalities are completed.The parents of the underage mother initially did not want to hand over the child to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for protection. However, after extensive consultations with members of the CWC, the parents on Tuesday agreed to give custody of the newborn to the CWC. 

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Kaniz Fatima, President of Kota CWC, said the CWC was briefed on the situation by  doctors at Jay Kay Lon Hospital around 9am  Monday.  CWC members quickly arrived at the hospital and assessed the situation. Although the minor's parents initially opposed the transfer of the child to the CWC,  after numerous counseling sessions and the completion of the necessary procedures related to the care of the newborn in the orphanage, they finally gave in. .

Fatima also announced that since she arrived in Kota only two months ago and was eight months pregnant, it was very likely that the minor had been sexually abused in her hometown. 

However, his parents were reluctant to  report  the matter. On Tuesday, although initially unable to speak, the minor  expressed  remorse for her actions and pleaded to continue her NEET studies in Kota. 

DSP Shankar Lal, District Officer of Kunhari Police Station, said that due to the underage mother's good physical condition, neither the  hostel staff nor the  Kota Institute could confirm her pregnancy. The minor's mother was accompanying them to a temporary home in Kota on Sunday when she developed abdominal pain.

The next morning she was taken to the hospital. So far, the minor's parents have not contacted the police and expressed their wish to avoid prosecution. However, Madhya Pradesh's Guna Police have been briefed on the situation.

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