Breaking News: What was the secret of Sakshi murder case? why sahil became a monster?

Knife case in Delhi: Accused Sahil confesses to killing 16-year-old Sakshi 

Sahil, who killed  16-year-old Sakshi in  Shahbad, Delhi, confessed to the  crime when CCTV footage was shown, police sources said. Sahil, who was detained for two days for killing a 16-year-old girl in  Shahbad, Delhi, confessed to police that he killed the girl, police sources told India Today. 

CCTV Fotage of sakshi murder
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According to  sources, when the accused saw the surveillance video, he said: “I am the man in the video. I killed Sakshi. 

Sakshi and Sahil have known each other for two years and follow each other on Instagram.

A 16-year-old boy was stabbed 21 times. The attack was so brutal that the murder weapon - a knife - eventually got stuck in his head. Moments later, the killer picked up a  nearby rock and began pounding on it. He hit her  five times with a rock, although people walked by and no one tried to intervene or stop the attack. 

Delhi Police questioned the accused on the night of May 29  after his arrest in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

Sahil is being held at Bawan Police Station. According to Delhi Police, the accused showed no remorse or remorse for the heinous crime during his interrogation. 


The distraught mother demanded the death penalty for the accused and said  the guilty should be hanged. He further stated that his daughter had said nothing about Sahil. 

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"I don't know why he killed her.Now only surveillance footage and the relevant authorities  can reveal how and why he killed my daughter," he said. 

The girl's father  also said that the murderer should be hanged. ... We call for a severe sentence for the accused,” he said. 

Who is Sahil?

A monstrous knife mechanic  stoned an underage sakshi in Delhi inThe 20-year-old defendant stabbed her at least 20 times before hitting her in the head with a rock. Delhi Police  arrested Sahil Khan on Monday after he stabbed and killed a 16-year-old girl named Sakshi in the Shahbad Dairy district of Delhi. The accused, a 20-year-old man, stabbed her at least 20 times with a knife and then hit her in the head with a rock. Police arrested him in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. 

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A girl was killed on a busy street full of people but no one came to her rescue, according to  CCTV footage  shared on social media.

Police took the accused to Delhi. The  case under Section 302 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code had already been registered at the Shahbad Dairy Police Station based on a notice filed by the victim's father. 

Who is Sahil? 

Here's what we know so far: 

Sahil is said to be an air conditioning and refrigerator mechanic by trade.

Sahil is on Instagram with the username "sahi.lkhan3600" and has 56 posts and 405 followers. Her Instagram bio read: "#love you dark life; Daru lovers (alcohol lovers); Yaaron ki Yari; Sat pe Bhari; 5th July; I love you mom.” 

Sahil Instagram Account
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His Instagram posts reveal that he enjoys drinking and partying. Many of his posts show Sahil smoking bangka and drinking alcohol with  friends.

4. Sahil also enjoys making coils. Many of his  Instagram videos show him  performing alone or with friends. 

5. In a particular role entitled Judai, Sahil performs in a female voice and says, "I just want to let you know that I'm getting married next week."In less than six months my baby will also have a name. To which Sahil replies, "My best wishes are with you, if I survive I will definitely come." The brutal killer can also be seen  in the  facial expression reel. 

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6. Surprisingly, in the scrolls, Sahil paid tribute to one of his friends who happened to be arrested.

7. Sahil has a picture of Siddu Moosewal as his first Instagram post. The posts then  show her life with  friends. However, there is no trace of his "girlfriend" Sakshi, whom he brutally killed. 

8. Sahil was involved in a romantic relationship with Sakshi and killed her while celebrating her friend Neetu's son's birthday. 

9. Terrifying surveillance video shows Sakshi walking down the street when Sahil approaches him. He then stabbed and kicked her several times before repeatedly hitting her head  with a concrete slab after she lost consciousness. Unfazed by the presence of those around him, Sahil went back to  throw the plate at the victim again.

10. There were allegations that Sahil son of Sarfaraz wore kalava, a sacred Hindu thread, on his wrist to confuse the police.

Why was Sakshi killed by Sahil? 

The reason for the murder is not yet clear. But according to news circulating on social media, Sakshi was said to have been his girlfriend and  when Sahil saw another man's name tattooed on his hand, he lost control and in anger stabbed and punched her  20 times Kill a concrete slab.

What about Sahil and Sakshi? 

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A young girl of 16, Sakshi, was killed 34 days before the whole world, received a blow and was scrapped with a concrete block by a man by the name of Sahil au Shahbad Dairy in the city of Delhi in the evening.

Who killed Sakshi in Delhi? 

On May 28, Sakshi was reportedly on her way to a friend's son's birthday party when Sahil approached her and stabbed her more than 20 times, kicked her and hit her in the head with a rock. 

What is the case of Sakshi?

Article 378 paragraph 2. (f) Provides severe penalties for the rape of a woman  under the age of 12. Sexual abuse of children of any kind, except penile penetration, is clearly unnatural and should be dealt with under Section 377 of the IPC.

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