Breaking News: Fire at training center in Delhi, students were seen jumping from windows

A total of 11 fire engines have been put into service and rescue efforts are continuing. 

A fire broke out at a training facility in  Mukherjee Nagar district of north-west Delhi on Thursday, prompting  students to jump from windows. Eleven firefighters arrived at the scene and rescue operations are underway to extinguish the flames. 

According to initial information, the fire broke out at 12:00 p.m.30 p.m., and in the video provided by the fire department, people, mainly students, can be seen through the windows being rescued by the fire department. 

A viral video shows people fleeing with cables after a  fire broke out at an educational facility. There is currently no information on the victims. 

Video Credit- Twitter 

The fire report was received at 12:27 p.m. and a total of 11 fire engines were dispatched to respond, said Atul Garg, director of the Delhi Fire Department.

“The fire started through an electricity meter and  has already been extinguished. Four students were injured in the accident. "The fire wasn't that big," fire chief Atul Garg told India Today. 

“Several students  were injured while fleeing a building where a fire broke out today. Nobody is stuck in the building.”The fire broke out in the building's electricity meter. Panic from increased smoke,” Suman Nalwa, PRO, Delhi Police told media. 

“We have received a report of a fire in the building.  We sent a total of 11 units to the site.”The fire was brought under control. Some children got scared and jumped out of the window. "4 children were slightly injured," Atul Garg told the media. 

A firefighting operation is underway, the cause of the fire is not yet known, authorities said. 

"All persons were evacuated from the building and the fire  operation was completed."No serious injuries have been reported so far," the Delhi Fire Department said. 

No injuries were  reported. A fire broke out in the building's electricity meter.Some students tried to climb out of the window. 3-4 students were injured, but there was no serious damage. "Students panicked because of the smoke," said Suman Nalwa, a Delhi Police officer, adding that no injuries from the fire have been reported so far.

Fire in Tuttion Center
Pic Credit- Twitter 

A large fire has broken out at a building  in Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar district, causing panic among  residents. As  the fire engulfed the building, several people, mostly students, abseiled to safety. As the fire spread, many of them fled the building through the power lines. According to the Delhi Fire Brigade, up to eleven firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident and  rescue operations were quickly initiated. 

After half an hour of putting it out, the fire was completely extinguished and everyone was evacuated from the building that houses the training center and several other local businesses.According to the latest information, the firefighting operation has already been completed. 

So far, no serious injuries have been reported in the building fire, the Delhi Fire Department said. 

After an initial investigation, the police believe there was a fire in the electricity meter and the students in  the building panicked at the smoke  from the devices and rappeled down behind the training center for their own safety.

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